Although the video is obviously tongue in cheek, watching Lembit Opik swaying rapturously, pretending to be a tiger and doing push-ups makes for toe-curling viewing.

The Good Suns clearly believe they are on to a good thing using Opik as the totty on their Pop Wound video, posting yesterday about their “new video featuring a very special guest.”

Youtube viewers, however, are less convinced by Opik’s rock ‘n’ roll credentials.

“This chap needs to be sectioned before he does some real harm to himself. this is too weird!” wrote one person.

Another said: “Time for your pill, Lembit – go lie down in a dark room somewhere a long way away. And stop singing.”

“A little piece of me died watching that,” came another comment.

Lembit Opik – The Good Suns Pop Wound

Fame-courting Lembit Opik is most famous for his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and for dating Cheeky Girl Gabriele Irimia. Secondary to that, Opik was once a Liberal Democrat MP, but lost his seat for Montgomeryshire, Wales, in 2010.

Last year, Opik was linked to 21-year-old Merily McGivern who was also working as his PA.

“Only a bigot would judge us,” Opik said at the time.

But can the same be said for his dancing?