Charles was touring a youth centre in Toronto with his wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, when he was given a go on the wheels of steel, and luckily for us the whole thing was caught on tape.

At first he tries scratching, then gets possibly the least merited round of applause in the history of hand clapping for pushing the crossfader two inches.

In a double-breasted suit, with his headphones over one ear, Charles gives a knowing look to someone out of shot towards the end of the clip as his lesson continues apace.

If you’re thinking, ‘not so fast cowboy, this isn’t new, I’ve seen Charles on the decks before,’ well you’re right, you have, in 2001, when the Prince of Wales was touring a centre for homeless people; the time that Charles uttered the famous words: “Dig that crazy rhythm.”

He doesn’t seem to have been practising in the interim.

Image via YouTube

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