Mike Nayna filled the video, on Sunday November 11. In an attempt to name and shame those involved he put the video on YouTube.

The abuse started at 10.30pm on a Melbourne public bus, after group of backpackers were singing a French song at the back.

At the front a woman shouted “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” Apparently, the backpackers at the back started singing louder, in jest, but it turned very nasty.

A drunk man starting yelling at them that. “S.O.D… Speak English or die mother fucker,” said the drunk man, and the crowd agreed.

The crowd starts asking the backpackers to get off of the bus and calling the French girl a “bitch”. Then, another man with a pushchair said: “come on cunt, get off.”

The drunk man continued: “everyone on the bus wants to kill you, you’re going to have to get off eventually bitch.”

Someone outside,  not visible in the footage, smashes the window in next to her.

Picture: YouTube