In an outburst that was somewhere between a massive emotional outpouring of joy and a breakdown, Clark’s performance was an explosion of cringe-worthy awkwardness, particularly for judge Nicole Scherzinger.

The 23-year-old singer’s successful performance of Rihanna’s We Found Love whilst wearing an eye-catching Lady Gaga style beige blouse with head covering shawl was a hit with the judges.

Shortly before his performance, the singer defensively tweeted “I’ve EARNED my place at judges houses just like every other person in this comp, not everyone is going to like me, I know that, but don’t…Judge me for doing something I’ve always wanted to do, for those who are supportive thank you so much, it means the world.”

Earlier, singer Adam Burridge had been told by Scherzinger he hadn’t made the cut.

Watch the video below. Be warned, it feels like it may never end.

See the performance that won Clark a place in the next phase of the competition

Main image: YouTube / ITV