You have seen it in sporting events before: As a nice little break from the tension on the pitch, you get to see some skin and someone gets a few seconds in the spotlight before getting wrestled-down, suspended and fined.

Now this has changed – here is a man who can do it again and again and again.

With a Spiderman-mask over his head, a man showed his superpowers (and a few other things) as he touched down in a high school football game in Tallahassee, Florida.

At first it looked like a regular streaking and the excited fans could hear the speaker say that ‘there always has to be someone doing that’. ‘That’ meaning running around naked on the pitch with a superman mask.

But instead of ending up at the bottom of a security staff pile like most of his predecessors, this superhero didn’t get caught in the sticky web.

Jumping over two high fences (with dangerously sharp edges) towards a waiting getaway car, he did however end up on the web, where he is cheered on by far more than the thousands who applauded him on the stadium.

Watch the legendary runaway-streaker here:

Image via Youtube.