The man received fatal injuries after repeatedly running into trees and power poles as a direct result of his overdose. This news comes 11 days after two young adults in the same area overdosed in similar circumstances and survived.

The drugs – 25B-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe – are marketed similarly to the more popular LSD. Both are provided on blotting paper and induce paranoia, confusion, and in some severe cases, seizures.

The drugs are formed from hallucinogens known as 2CB and SCI, both of which are banned substances in South Australia. The purchase of such substances could result in a drug trafficking charge.

The short and long-term health effects of 25B-NOBMe and 25I-NBOMe are unknown at this point so current users have made themselves guinea pigs.

According to Drug Investigation Branch Acting Detective Superintendent Derryn Phillips, the drugs are believed to be made in China and sold to consumers over the internet.

As the effects of the drugs are not immediately felt, overdosing is an unfortunately common side-effect.

 “Overdose on these drugs is a reality… and can obviously result in dire consequences”, Detective Inspector Phillips added. 

Image via Wikicommons