Alexander Kinyua, 21, originally from Kenya, confessed to killing his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo, after his father had rung the police to report finding human remains in his family home’s basement.

Kinyua’s brother discovered the victim’s head and hands in a tin on Tuesday. He went to get his father, but on returning found Alexander cleaning the tin. 

Kinyua’s father rang the police who came and searched the house before arresting his son.

Morgan State University student, Kujoe Bonsafo had been reported missing last Friday.

No motive for the killing has yet been announced, although it is known that Kinyua stabbed Kujoe to death before dismembering him and eating parts of his brain, and all of his heart.

It has been reported that in the days leading up to the murder Kinyua had posted comments online about school killings, ethnic cleansing and cults.

Kinyua had been arrested with first-degree assault after attacking a fellow student with a baseball bat on May 20.

The incident comes soon after a homeless man had his face bitten off in a ‘zombie attack’ in Miami.

Image via YouTube

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