Never been kissed. Literally.

Virgin Diaries, a new TLC show that launches this Sunday, follows a couple on their wedding day to capture their first kiss.


The show’s stars, that includes multiple virgin couples, have chosen to abstain from sex due to religion or lifestyle. For some this includes abstaining from kissing.

TLC delves into the world of adult virgins who live in a society filled to the brim with sexual pressures.


Virgin Diaries is the newest addition to the channel’s collection of quirky shows, which in the past has included pint-size beauty queens in Toddlers and Tiaras, a polygymous family in Sister Wives and unbelievable mums in the I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant series.

TLC released a sneak peak of their new show, depicting the virgin couples’ first kiss at the altar.

In the clip, it is clear not only the viewers at home are cringing at the laughably awkward kiss. A camera pan of the audience shows one man hide his face in his hand as he is overcome with embarrassed laughter.

Watch the TLC advert video here:

Watch the extended first kiss scene here: