Virginia Tech president Charles Steger told reporters: “Today tragedy again struck Virginia Tech with a wanton act of violence where a police officer was murdered during a routine traffic stop.

“Words don’t describe our feelings,” he added.

Police said that a gunman fired at the campus police officer during a routine traffic stop and then fled on foot towards a nearby car park. It was in this car park that another body was later found alongside a gun.

Though speculation is rife that the second body belonged to the gunman, police did not confirm that it was in fact that of the unidentified shooter.

Police flooded the campus after the shooting, while students and teachers were told to stay inside university buildings and dormitories.

After a few hours, the university declared an end to any “active threat”.

Before the all-clear was given, one student told a local news outlet: “Right now it’s kind of scary and hectic around here that this is happening again.”

The 2007 Virginia Tech massacre was the worst school shooting rampage in US history.

A motive for the most recent shooting remains unclear.