With the forthcoming Rave Age LP, he‘s set to take his signature electro-techno sound to the next level, and it’s in support of the record that he plays this relatively small-scale south London show.

Debut LP OK Cowboy was full of the sort of electro smashers that the man also known as Pascal Arbez has since gone on to be famed for – early single My Friend Dario, No Fun and La Rock 01, especially, were all surefire, instant dance floor killers, brutal beats wrapped up in his everything-louder production and direct four-minute delivery.

Follow up Flashmob was a more diverse and pensive affair, adding extra layers and nuance to his distinctive sound, without sacrificing the knockout floorfillers that came in the shape of Poison Lips and Terminateur Benelux.

Rave Age, despite its dodgy title, takes the best of both, the signature Vitalic sound, its effects, pacing, and slow-build-in-one-song structure, and adds in bombastic brilliance.

Arbez’s influences have always been bountiful, his electronic music history flirting with elements of pop, rock, disco and indie, even.

These myriad influences come to the fore here as they jostle for position in what is his most accessible, immediate and crowd-pleasing record so far.

While the accompanying VTLZR production will be taking to the road later this month, this is a chance to catch him in a stripped back, intimate environment. Whether you’re an indie kid, rock fan, or an electro head, he won’t disappoint. 

Neon Noise Project @ Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT
nov 3 | Doors at 11pm |  £14
Tube | Vauxhall