Who knew Russia’s two leaders were hiding such a shapely, womanly physiques under their drab, dark suits this whole time? 

An artist who painted a satirical depiction of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in racy, women’s underwear has reportedly fled the country in fear. 

The Director of St Petersburg’s Museum of Power, Tatiana Titova is quoted by bigpond.com.au as saying that artist Konstantin Altunin has absconded to France and is currently living in Paris, seeking permanent asylum. 

Museum of Power? Sounds fairly imposing… 

Altunin’s flight comes in the wake of police forcibly closing down an exhibition of his and seizing four of his paintings. They did so without specifying quite why or even what laws the artist had broken. 

Guilty of expressing an opinion, perhaps? Maybe it was because he over-emphasised Medvedev’s swelling bosom too much, or didn’t emphasise Putin’s enough? 

This is just the latest incident of Russian police, under direct Presidential orders, basically stamping out free will in the country. 

Hopefully Mr Altunin finds a safe place in Paris – where images of men in women’s undergarments is barely even considered avant grade. 

Image: Calgary Herald