Sian Ward was working at her auntie’s The Granary cafe in Hay on Wye, on the Wales border, when she saw the fiersome-looking, but more or less harmless spider, on a customer’s jacket.

She kept her cool, The Daily Mail reports, as she’s usually the one to deal with spiders at work as her colleagues are scared of them.

Sian saved the spider from the bottom of someone’s boot and took it in a plastic container to a vet, but not before they nicknamed it Cyril.

Cyril was identified as a huntsman spider, which the Australian Museum says grows up to 15cm long. The spider’s usually passive, and quite commonly seen hanging out in bark and curtains in Oz, but if bitten by one it could hurt a bit, so the museum advises an ice-pack as treatment.

This weekend Cyril will be re-homed at the West Midlands Safari Park and even though it’s believed the spider is female, the park said they’d keep the name. 

Image via CC Wikipedia/Jon Richfield