Do you love The Hunger Games? Lapped up every word of the best selling fantasy series? Loved the Jennifer Lawrence-staring movie? No? Then you’ll love The Starving Games.

The crazy comedy folk behind spoof movies such as Date Movie and Meet The Spartans are about to unleash this new pop culture skewering flick, which mercilessly takes the piss out of films such as The Hunger Games, Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, The Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, Korean pop sensation Psy and the recent Sherlock Holmes franchise that rebooted the famous London detective as a bare knuckle boxing, wise-cracking brute.

The film features Kantmiss Evershot who has to take her sister’s place in the 75th annual Starving Games, a deadly battle in the dystopian future where she has to fight for her life and try to work out which photoshopped hunk she truly loves.

As anyone who has caught one of their earlier, totally crude spoof movies will know, when it comes to getting mercilessly lampooned, no one is safe!

Photo:  YouTube.