Wayne Rooney has promised England manager Fabio Capello that he won’t let the scandal over his alleged sex with a prostitute affect his performance when England take on Switzerland tonight.

Capello had voiced concern over Rooney’s state of mind, but the England striker has convinced him otherwise.

“He will play tomorrow,” Capello said. “I monitored him during the training on Sunday. He was good. He’s focused on the game. I think during this period, when he was on the pitch, he forgot any problems he has.”

Capello, who’s known for his strict regime with the England team, was surprisingly blase about the Rooney prostitute scandal.

Wayne Rooney’s alleged sex with hooker

When asked about Rooney and his private life, Capello smiled and simply said: “It is England.”

“Look: it’s the world,” he went on. “It’s not only England but other countries it happens the same, always. France, Germany, Italy, it’s the same. But the players know the rules.”

Rooney’s teammates are also standing behind him.

“I haven’t spoken to him about it,” skipper Steven Gerrard said. “At the end of the day, who am I to talk about things like that with Wayne Rooney?

“He’s his own man. It’s his private life. If the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn’t expect Wayne to delve into my private life. You have to respect that.

“It seems to me that his focus is on the game. I’ve been with him today and yesterday. He’s trained normally. I was speaking to him at lunch about the game, and he seems okay and ready to play.

“You’re in a situation, if you have an issue off the pitch, where you have to park it. But sometimes football can be a release from it. Once the game’s started, you’re focused on what happens on the pitch, not what’s going on off it.”

The Rooney scandal – more to come?

It’s been reported that Rooney doesn’t care if his wife Coleen divorces him over his alleged fling with prostitute Jenny Thompson. An insider said: “Wayne is not prepared to take any s*** off the wife or her family…seems he thinks he can pretty much do what the hell he likes because they’d all be nothing without him.”

According to The Sun, Coleen is said to have told Wayne: “I don’t need you anymore.”

Meanwhile, Thompson claims to have slept with 13 other footballers AND a girl who claims to have joined Rooney for a threesome is reportedly set to go public.

Brace yourself for more dirt…

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