As any good backpacker knows you’re going to come across some of the local wildlife while travelling, certainly if you’re doing it properly.

One backpacker and his friends got a little bit closer than they had bargained when a “freshie” decide to try and grab himself a spot of lunch.

Seeming to grow tired of lying on its sunbaked rock overlooking the waters edge, the little crocodile springs into action when Swedish tourists Ulrik Bergsland and Felix Andersson got a little too close when they were splashing around in a lagoon.

While the fresh water crocodiles are seen as being much less dangerous than their larger, salt water cousins they can still give a nasty bite although they rarely attack tourists.

It seems the freshie in the video above though had only one thing on its mind when it launched itself at Felix.

While most people would have been out of the water faster than a hare, Felix, Ulrik and their friend Jakob (the one who shot the video) can be heard howling with laughter at the whole escapade.

Image: Getty
Video: YouTube