For those who want to change the world, 2020 has never been a better time to take action. However, it no longer feels like enough to simply donate to charities; we need to make the difference ourselves. So, where should we begin? Well, we believe that impact investing and philanthropic ventures are the way to go. They help fund good causes, power the economy and provide you with a return on investment, too.

But what industries should you invest in to make the most difference? We’re going to be answering this very question in our article, so aspiring humanitarians should read on to find out.

Technology Industry

Technology is paramount to creating a better future. It has allowed us to create equipment like ventilators and mobile phones among other things, all of which have helped improve or save the lives of billions. And only greater accomplishments are to come. The tech industry is also incredibly prosperous, so it’s the perfect way for investors to become philanthropists whilst making a profit. Take the example of the Tej Kohli Foundation, which is funding the development of artificial intelligence to create bionic limbs that better serve the needs of their users.

Healthcare Industry

This one is obvious. If you invest your capital into healthcare, by proxy you are helping save lives.

As we continue to face the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare organisations everywhere are being overwhelmed by very sick patients, and we need funding for this industry more than ever before. Some healthcare organisations you can invest in include home care services, pharmaceutical suppliers, or laboratory and diagnostic care. Keep these services funded so patients receive the best quality of care, frontline workers are being adequately paid, and healthcare doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Renewable Energy Industry

Climate change poses a threat to humanity equal to that of coronavirus, but many people are able to forget this as global warming has yet to affect them directly. As such, we must start investing in sustainability. If we don’t, then there will not be a future filled with amazing technology for us to enjoy. By funding the renewable energy industry, we work towards reversing climate change and eradicating pollution. You can help research projects for new renewable energy resources get underway or supply companies with the capital they need to set up renewable energy generators.

Education Industry

Education is the most important thing of all. It underpins everything and is the key to creating a better future. However, it’s becoming an increasingly underfunded industry. Your investments can help correct this. Put capital into organisations like universities, training centres, and schools. Your money can help these institutions afford all the resources they need to provide high-quality education for everyone. Though you won’t have a good return on investment immediately, you’ll see high earnings in the future.

If you want to make a difference with your money, then these are the best industries to invest in. Don’t hesitate – start working towards a better future today.