It’s also unclear if rapper Lil Wayne’s 2011 song How To Love played a role in the search term’s popularity.

All that loving may have led to Australia’s second most searched-for “how to” question – how to kegel?

Kegeling is a pelvic floor exercise for pregnant women to help with urinary control and childbirth.

Swimmer Stephanie Rice was Australia’s most searched-for Olympian.

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was the nation’s most searched-for athlete.

What is permeate?” was one of Australia’s most googled questions in 2012.

In case you still haven’t googled permeate to find out what it means, consumer group Choice has a handy definition.

“Manufacturers dilute milk with permeate, a solution of minerals and lactose (milk sugar) that’s a by-product from making cheese,” it says on Choice’s website.

Permeate-free milk became popular from June, particularly after Nine Network’s A Current Affair ran a series of news stories on the substance.

Lara Bingle was the year’s most searched-for celebrity (ahead of Miranda Kerr and Delta Goodrem).

AFL champions Sydney Swans were the most searched-for sports team (followed by Essendon FC) and Hurricane Sandy was the most searched-for news event.

The results were revealed in Google’s annual Zeitgeist report, which the company describes as “a barometer for what captivated Aussies during 2012”.

Korean pop act Psy’s Gangnam Style was the nation’s highest-trending search term, followed by Nine Network’s The Voice and English-Irish boyband, One Direction.

The trending category is calculated on the basis of how long a search term remains popular, rather than simply how many people search for it.