Houston cited in her will that Bobbi Kristina would receive her mother’s money in stages until she turns 30.

Overseen by the singer’s trustees, her sister-in-law Donna and her brother Michael, the money would be put in a trust account and given to Bobbi Kristina when she turns 21, 25 and 30.

Bobbi Kristina is Houston’s only child, and daughter to her ex-husband bobby Brown.

She will also get her mother’s furnishings, clothing, person effects, jewellery and cars.

Houston, who died on February 11, after drowning in the bath at her California hotel room, signed the will on Februray 3, 1993 – a month before she gave birth, and while she was still married to Bobby Brown.

In other news, an Oprah Winfrey interview with Bobbi Kristina is due to air in a few days’ time.

Bobbi Kristina was rushed to hospital twice in the days after her death, although Whitney’s godmother Darlene Love denied reports Bobbi had gone missing after the star’s funeral a week later.

During the programme, Oprah also interviews Houston’s sister-in-law and manager Patricia Houston, as well has her brother Gary.

Houston died aged 48.