Speaking at the TNT Travel Show at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, Lindsay acknowledged that TNT readers flock to come of the same destinations year after year, but encouraged them to time their visits and even explore some of the countries surrounding their regular spots.

“I’m trying to help TNT readers come up with some alternatives to classic destinations, because it’s striking how certain places crop up time and again. Where could they go in 2012 and still have a good time'” she said.

“One of the funny things that I get asked is, ‘My friend wants to go here, but why should I go? What is it going to offer me?’ The key is that anywhere will have interesting aspects but it’s working out what you like and want to get out of a trip.”

Lindsay offered a range of less common destinations for intrepid travellers.

“For an Eastern European beak, try Ljubljana in Slovenia. If you fancy doing some sightseeing in the Middle East, Jordan is quite quiet with top sites that won’t be too busy at this time of year,” she said.

“If you want to be part of the buzz, then Oktoberfest is fantastic but if you want to experience traditional Germany then you might be surprised to find it crammed with tourists.”

“Belfast is a top place to go in 2012 with a bit of buzz as well. And most of these places are served by budget airlines.”