Intel has named of as it’s new Director of Creativity. The Black Eyed front man will apparently help the Californian computer chip manufacturer to find “new ways to communicate, create and entertain”.

In as statement Intel said: “Specifics haven’t been disclosed, but Deborah Conrad [Intel vice president and chief marketing officer] said that the partnership between and Intel is the marrying of two worlds – entertainment and technology – in order to create what she calls ‘the ultimate experience.’”

Although his specific role hasn’t been fully hammered out sounded excited by the opportunity.

“Nearly everything I do involves processors and computers,” he said.

“Teaming up with the scientists, researchers and computer programmers is going to be amazing”., real name William James Adams, Jr rose to fame in 1990s with hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.

In the past he has also gone under the stage name of Zuper Blahq for when he was working on electro house music.

The multi-talented artist has won seven Grammys and in 2008 he wrote the song, Yes We Can, in support of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. But what he will do in her new role with Intel has yet to be seen.

How’s this for some awkward watching…