Andy Gray has been sacked from Sky Sports after another tape emerged in which the football pundit made sexist comments to Charlotte Jackson. However, Gray has hired lawyers and allegedly claims that he’s been “stitched up”.

According to the Daily Mail, Andy Gray’s contract with Sky Sports has been terminated due to “unacceptable and offensive behaviour”.

The latest tape shows Gray, 55, suggesting that female co-presenter Charlotte Jackson puts a microphone down his trousers.

While preparing for a broadcast, Gray is seen pulling out the waistband of his trousers before asking Jackson to “just tuck that in for me would you”. It is thought he was referring to the cable of his microphone.

The latest revelations of sexist behaviour comes after Gray was taken off the air and temporarily suspended for making sexist remarks about a female match official.

Sian Massey returns to the pitch
Andy Gray and Richard Keys slammed for sexism

During the Premier League match between Wolverhampton and Liverpool on Saturday Gray and co-presenter Richard Keys were recorded making disparaging remarks about lineswoman Sian Massey.

“What do women know about the offside rule?” Gray was heard to say.

Gray dug himself even deeper when another tape emerged of him making remarks about Sian.

Reporter Andy Burton asked him before Saturday’s game if he should believe a colleague who had told him Sian was “a bit of a looker”.

Gray replied: “Nah, I wouldn’t. I definitely wouldn’t … I can see her from here.”

However, according to sources, Gray feels he’s been “stitched up” by enemies at Sky and is consulting his lawyers.

An insider said: “He feels people working against him have set all this up to get him the boot.”

However Sky insisted: “Andy Gray’s contract was terminated because of unacceptable and offensive behaviour.”

Watch Andy Gray’s comment to Charlotte Jackson and make up your own mind.