Mother-of-three Aisha Dannupawa cited hubby Ali Maizinari’s outsized todger as the sole reason for wanting an annulment when she appeared before a Sharia Court in Zamfara state, around 500 miles from Lagos.

News of well-endowed Ali’s giant John Thomas has come to light only 24 hours after scientists in the UK revealed that the average length of an erect penis is only a modest 5.16 inches.

And what better grounds for divorce? Ali was hardly likely to deny the accusation of having a massive member – and he didn’t. He told the court that he was willing to dissolve the union if his dowry – she must have been well-endowried – and money spent during the courtship was paid back.

Housewife Aisha tied the knot with Ali after the breakdown of her first marriage, but problems arose when she encountered her new hubby’s colossal cock after moving into his parents’ home.

“We had sex but the experience was a nightmare,” she told the court, according to Nigeria’s Tribune newspaper. “Instead of enjoying the sex it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big.”

After the hearing Aisha told local reporters that following the couple’s unsuccessful first attempt at sex she had taken medication given to her by her mother to help ease the pain. However, a second romp proved equally difficult and was “too much to bear”.

Ho-hum. In these days of sexual equality we wonder if Ali would have received much sympathy had he discovered that his new wife’s bum was a little bit bigger than he’d bargained for? But never mind….we somehow suspect he won’t have much trouble finding a new wife now…