A You Tube clip showing more than six thousand bottles of wine and champagne crashing to the ground after a shelf collapsed has gone viral on the web.

The footage, which was captured on CCTV in a bottle shop in Wisconsin, America, shows a huge wave of wine sweeping across the floor.

The shop was open at the time and the crash, captured in black and white, sent customers and employees alike scuttling away to escape the mess.

The corker of an incident was then captured from a different angle in colour.

ABC news in America, reported that the footage was not allowed to be released until recently due to insurance purposes.

Because of this, questions have been raised as to the authenticity of the footage and indeed, the incident. Viewers are wondering if the 78-ft long shelf really collapsed.

However, the store manager, Lori Gregoire, insisted the five-level shelf gave way on its own as a result of its old age. The shelf system was 31-years-old when it collapsed.

“The wine was running out the front door. It was running out the back door. There was wine everywhere,” Gregoire said.

“Depending on where you were standing there was an inch or two of wine throughout the store.”

Employees from another off licence in the area are said to have spent about two weeks cleaning up the mess. It took nearly a month to restock all the bottles.

But no-one wined about it.

Fortunately, the shop’s insurance covered everything, including new sturdier shelves.