1. Wycliffe Well It claims more UFO sightings (per capita) than anywhere in Oz. The local roadhouse/campsite pays homage to all things alien and boasts a vast collection of beers. Get pissed with ET.

2. Take part in an Aboriginal Corroberee Get painted up in charcoal and gather around the campfire in a traditional Corroberee ceremony. You’ll learn the songs and dances past down through time.

3. Ballooning Take an early morning hot air balloon flight over the Western MacDonnell Ranges, near Alice Springs. The ranges spread out like the spine of a giant sleeping beast. Breathtaking.

4. Outback pubs Best place to meet the scary locals of No.16. Grab a coldie and take in the ambience of bars like nowhere else in the world.

5. Devil’s Marbles Lean against, push or jump inside these fantastic rock formations for some photographic tomfoolery.

6. Arnhem Land Arnhem Land is Aboriginal-owned and is a vast, barely-touched area with stunning scenery and few people. Visit with a permit only, but well worth it.

7. Katherine Gorge A welcome oasis on the road north to Darwin, Katherine Gorge is a series of inter-connected gorges which can be hiked or kayaked. Other-worldly and a hell of a lot of fun.

8. Deserted roads In some sections of the NT, you can go hours upon hours without seeing another vehicle. Stop by a road sign and take the popular “I’m in the middle of nowhere” photo.

9. Crocs These toothsome terrors are one of the coolest things you can see in the NT. Take a river cruise in or near Kakadu and see crocs up close, on their terms.

10. Kata Tjuta These domed orange rocks are more significant to the Anangu people of the region than Uluru. A highlight is a trek through the Valley of the Winds.

11. Uluru The big red rock star is ‘the’ reason to get yourself to the middle. No amount of photos can prepare you for the sheer mystery and majesty of Australia’s biggest icon.