From meals out to holidays abroad, new research from reveals it doesn’t pay to be coupled up, as being in a relationship makes a rather substantial dent in your wallet.

Despite singletons spending on average £87 a year more on nights out, loved-up consumers are more likely to loosen the purse strings, with one in six committed Brits (18%) admitting they enjoy splashing out on day activities and fancy meals for each other.

Over 37% of couples believe they save money by splitting costs with their partners, however, the study shows singletons have the last laugh. Romantic getaways are the biggest expense for those in a relationship, as they spend on average £140 more per holiday than singles.

Those in couples are also more burdened with bills, with each partner spending a whopping £1,536 more a year on life’s essentials such as insurance, rent, bills and the weekly food shop.

So, there you have it – the next time someone bothers you about your single status, just remind them that you’re much better off financially and look haughty. Or something.

Image credit: Thinkstock