A tricky working holiday visa and passport question

Q: I’m heading back to Australia in November when my Working Holiday visa expires. My current Australian passport expires in February 2011 but I think I will need to renew this prior to leaving the UK as I wish to travel through Russia, Mongolia and China en-route. If I renew my passport now, is my current Working Holiday visa valid if it is in my old passport? Do I simply travel with both documents (old and new passport)?

A: You will certainly be able to travel with two Australian passports – one valid and one expired passport – and your UK Working Holiday visa will continue to be valid up until the date it is due to expire. If you intend to return to the UK before this visa expires in November, after travelling the countries you mentioned, be prepared for the British immigration officers likely querying your plans in the UK for the last few weeks/days of your Working Holiday visa. You should also be aware you may be refused re-entry to the UK if the authorities are not convinced you have sufficient reason to leave the UK before your Working Holiday visa expires.

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