Sixteen people have been injured in a stampede outside a South African ground hosting a World Cup warm-up game.

The Makhulong Stadium was hosting a friendly match between Nigeria and North Korea. Entry was free and many more than the 10,000 capacity turned up.

In a stampede outside the stadium several fans fell to the ground and were crushed under the crowd.

Several fans fell under a rush of people outside the Makhulong Stadium in the Johannesburg suburb of Tembisa.

A fan told the BBC:  “When we were coming in, they were just stepping on us. I thought I was dying. I was at the bottom.”

The fans were mainly local South African and travelling Nigerian. According to the police, hundreds of them were also holding photocopies of tickets and tried to break down the gates after the match had started.

Fifa was quick to distance itself from the incident, saying: “contrary to some media reports, Fifa had nothing to do with the ticketing of this game”.