Jonathan Feigenbaum has threatened the arranger, Eilean Eisdeal Community Trust, that it has to pay to hold the competition on his land or he will take legal action, the Telegraph writes.

This is the first time in the championship’s 15-year history that the owner of the disused quarry has demanded an ‘excessive’ fee of around £1,000.

Feigenbaum wrote in an open letter to the island’s residents published on the Easdale People webpage: “It was with a heavy heart but as you can see I had no real choice to make it clear to Eilean Eisdeal and its directors that permission to use any company land or asset has been refused for any organisation, individual or group of individuals, for the purpose of conducting any stone skimming or indeed any event.”

One of the organisers, Donald Melville, told BBC Scotland: “I think it is a big disappointment. We have run the thing properly and professionally. We get a proper health and safety assessment done and stick to the recommendations in that.

“People come along and have a fantastic day. It is good fun and it just seems a shame that we are going to have £1,000 less, possibly, to put into community run events on the island.”

The championship’s webpage gives a calming message to the hundreds of fans and competitors who are expected to the annual event, saying: “This weekend’s event is definitely going to take place. Come and join us and help make this year the busiest ever.”

Watch this video from the 2007 championship and decide if you want to head to Scotland this weekend. A perfect way to fill the Olympics gap might be another party with Scots winning medals just a stone’s throw away.

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