Here are TNT‘s top five treks for adventurers. Hiking boots ready!

1. Ciudad Perdida

What: Colombia’s steamy jungle-rich Caribbean coast sets the scene for this five to six-day trek to the ruins of Ciudad Perdida, a beautiful and ancient city that dates back to 800AD. Suitably remote, it takes three days of hardcore hiking to reach the 1200 steps that lead up to the city. A highlight of the trek is a visit to a small cocaine factory.

World's top five treks - Inca Trail

2. Inca Trail

What: The four-day hike to the dramatic city of Machu Picchu is a tick-box activity for most backpackers visiting Peru. Book around six months in advance as only 500 people a day are permitted to trek the route. The 42km trail reaches the dizzying height of 4200m.
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Everest Base camp

3. Everest Base Camp

What: Expect Indiana Jones-style swing bridges, luscious green valleys and epic glaciers during this 14-16 day trek. Base camp is at 5200m and you’ll find that altitude is your biggest challenge. Descend quickly if you get a headache or feel nauseous. 
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World's top five treks - Mount Kilimanjaro

4. Mount Kilimanjaro

What: A trek to the top of the highest mountain in Africa is no easy feat. Contend with temperature extremes (steamy forests then icy night-time conditions), not to mention crippling altitude sickness. But if you make it to the peak, you’ll feel on top of the world.
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World's top five treks - Camino de santiago

5. Camino de Santiago

What: For more than a thousand years, pilgrims have walked to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. During this epic trek, cross Galician mountains, goggle at Gothic cathedrals and explore gorgeous villages and former Roman gold mines.
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