Corey Curtis, of Racine, Wisconsin was arrested for owing $50,000 in child support as well as another $40,000 in interest to the six different women with whom he has had his nine children.

Racine County judge Tim Boyle sentenced Curtis to the rare punishment as a condition of a three-year probation order until such time as he could afford to support the children he already has.

“Common sense dictates you shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford,” Judge Boyle said.

Curtis’ lawyers tried to appeal against the Judge’s ban on Curtis’ reproductive rights saying that the court did not have the constitutional right but Boyle upheld his ruling, citing a 2001 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on a similar case.

Curtis for his part seems keen to comply with the judge’s ruling.

“Judges, they make rulings,” Curtis said, “they make them kind of hastily. So, if that’s what he feels one of my conditions should be then I’m going to abide by it.”

Curtis has a reasonably large criminal history of fairly minor misdemeanor’s to go along with his numerous arrests for failing to pay child support including writing bad cheques, criminal damage and burglary. 

Mr Curtis has obviously never heard the age old adage, ‘don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!’ or words to that effect.