What started as a joke on Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page has blossomed to a bizarre reality after one of the area managers posted something about bottling the smell of pizza straight out of the oven.

The reaction from fans was so overwhelmingly positive – the post garnered thousands of likes within the first hour – that the company decided to make a bottle for real.

The perfume which is “scented with hues of dough and seasoning” (whatever that means) has already been given out to some 100 Facebook fans but marketing executive Beverly D’Cruz is unsure whether or not anymore bottles will be produced.

Obviously the allure of smelling like a Supreme pizza at all hours of the day and night sounds better to some people than others. Some people might just enjoy the sensation of having people salivate every time they walk into a room – a bit of an ego boost perhaps – but Pizza Hut aren’t exactly the first word in quality Italian cuisine.

Surely there’s slightly better Pizza joints out there who want to have their essence sprayed across the tall and beautiful on catwalks ranging from Milan to Minsk.

What will they think of next?