The shaggy red tinged mullet, the masculine stance, the piercing stare. You look at that picture and tell me it doesn’t look exactly like American martial-artist/internet joke Chuck Norris.

That is the conclusion one Reddit user came to, at least, when he placed it on the file sharing website.

SolfeggeNerd, the user in question, had been ‘helping out’ at a christian camp near St Louis when he had come across this gem of a collective painting and decided to put it on the internet.

And why not? Chuck Norris basically is the Jesus of the internet anyway. That random Chuck Norris joke generator is still one of the most visited sites on the internet, years after it miraculously came into being.

There’s even been a New York Times bestselling book entitled Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped which deals with just such a phenomenon.

Quite what the 60-something-year-old star himself makes of all this hasn’t yet been discovered. All that can be certain is that he would definitely never wear a rainbow coloured coat made out of children’s hands.

If he were to wear a garment made from human appendage’s it would surely be black and made entirely of fists… And maybe the skulls of his vanquished opponents.

It’s not the first time big Chucky N has been compared to the son of God.

In 2011 American artist Stephen Sawyers reimagined Jesus in a more Chuck Norrisy way than perhaps the Good Book ever intended.

“I scarcely think Jesus could have overturned the tables of the moneylenders and driven them from the temple if he was a wimp. The model I use for my paintings is a surfer guy who’s built like a brick shithouse,” he told The Guardian at the time.

Amen, brother.