X Factor‘s Cheryl Cole was challenged over axing Gamu from the show in a text from Sinitta, who claims she asked the judge why the teenager was controversially ditched.

The 80s pop star told The Sun that Gamu had been her favourite and that she was shocked by Cheryl’s decision. “I was very disappointed because Gamu was my favourite. She is a great singer and will have a great career.

“I sent [Cheryl] a text saying, ‘What are you doing? What did you do! Oh no Gamu!’ She was like, ‘See you on Saturday x (sic),’ Sinitta told the paper.

Cheryl Cole backlash

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole is discovering that her role as the nation’s sweetheart is not as secure as she once thought. X Factor fans have flooded the forums since Gamu was axed from the show and there are plenty of Cheryl-haters amoung them.

“Ah, the Cheryl Cole show. Look at her and her air of self importance. I’m so over that chick,” wrote one X Factor fan.

Fellow judge Lois Walsh also had some harsh words for the dimpled Geordie. “I have an opinion — it’s not all about you, Cheryl,” he ranted after Cole told him to give Katie Waissal “a chance.”

Is Gamu lying about firing squad?

Gamu’s dramatic claim that she could face the firing squad if she is forced to return to her native Zimbabwe has met with derision from many expats living in the UK.

A report in Zimbabwe’s state-owned H-Metro newspaper pointed out that several members of the singer’s family still lived safely in the southern African country and claimed that Gamu’s stories are turning many Zimbabweans against her.

The New Zimbabwe website, which is based in Britain, reported that its office was inundated with calls and e-mails from angry expats. Zimbabwean Chirandu Mukuru wrote:

“Firing squad for Gamu? Give us a break. If anyone believes that then they believe anything. What is true is that the opportunities for personal professional growth especially in her chosen field are almost zero once she gets back to Zimbabwe. That’s the real fear. These ‘Mugabe will kill me’ stories are just nonsense.”

However, Simon Cowell has stepped in with his lawyers to fight Gamu’s deportation.

“We are helping Gamu and her family as much as possible,” Cowell said. “We have lawyers working with her lawyers, not because we have to – but because I really feel for their situation, and that’s outside of the show.”

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