X Factor Katie Waissel’s gran has admitted to being a prostitute, leaving Katie devastated but vowing not to quit the show.

Waissel’s 81-year-old grandmother, Sheila Vogel, works as a prostitute under the name Cecilia Bird and charges £250 for sex on the Vintage Vamps website, the News of The World claims.

Sheila told an undercover reporter: “I get quite a few young men coming to me and they seem very happy with me. I’m a sexual lady.”

On Sheila’s profile, she says: “Beneath my conservative exterior lurks the secret passion to meet up with like-minded gentlemen to share the taste of forbidden fruits.”

An X Factor source said: “Katie and her whole family are devastated.

“She was told after her performance on Saturday night and immediately broke down in tears.

“Every weekend has been tough on Katie recently but this is the worst of the lot. She just wonders when all the negative stories are going to end.”

Katie had seemingly turned a corner with her new haircut and enough public support to see her through to the next round of the X Factor.

Waissel avoided being placed in the bottom two on the results show, leaving Paije Richardson and Cher Lloyd faced the sing off, with the judges opting to save Cheryl wannabe Cher.

However Katie’s relief was short-lived. The X Factor hopeful had no idea that her gran works as a prostitute and insiders say she was utterly distraught by the revelations.

An X Factor source told The Sun:

“Katie was utterly distraught when she found out – like she needs any more grief in her life. We sat her down and told her what her gran had been up to.

“It was a bit embarrassing really. She had no idea and neither did anyone else in her family. It knocked her for six.

“She was struggling to get to sleep on Saturday night thinking about it.”


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