Matt Cardle has won the X Factor but made an enemy in the form of Cher Lloyd, who was booted off the show on Saturday. While Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction and the rest of the contestants joined Cardle on stage to congratulate him, Lloyd was nowhere to be seen.

27-year old Matt Cardle, from Colchester, Essex, said he was feeling “shocked” to be crowned king of the X Factor.

Cardle told ITV1’s Daybreak: “It was so shocking that it made me numb straight away and I have not really got the feeling back yet.”

However, Cher Lloyd, who was widely tipped as a winner and thought to be the judges’ favourite, was apparently fuming over Matt’s win.

On the Xtra Factor, Simon Cowell admitted: “Everyone [of the contestants] was happy for Matt, apart from one.”

Lloyd was reported to have been fuming after being sent home from Saturday’s show.

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According to the Sunday Mirror, the 17-year-old ranted to production staff during rehearsals for the final show: “I didn’t want to win anyway. I’m going to make it anyway. You lot can stick it up your a***.”

Lloyd then turned on the X Factor choreographers and singing coaches and screamed: “You lot have wanted me out from the beginning. All of you have.

“I know Danni and Louis have hated me from the beginning – but I don’t care. I couldn’t give a f***. I’ve got ­Cheryl Cole, that’s all that matters.”

Other contestants, however, were more gracious. Rebecca Ferguson said of Cardle’s victory: “I’m so happy, so grateful and Matt’s amazing. I’m just so happy to have got this far.”

Matt in turn, paid tribute to Rebecca Ferguson and boy band One Direction.

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“She (Rebecca) is literally one of the sweetest girls you could ever ask to meet in your life,” he said.

“She is amazing. One Direction, I feel for them, they worked so hard, so hard for the entire show, they both deserve everything.”

It emerged that Matt Cardle had been the viewers’ favourite throughout the show, receiving the highest number of public votes every week. Voting patterns were only made public after Sunday night’s X Factor finale, to avoid affecting the outcome.

Cardle has walked away from the X Factor with a £1 million recording contract and the hope of nabbing this year’s Christmas No. 1, with When We Collide.

Cher, meanwhile, reckons we haven’t seen the last of her. According to the Sunday Mirror, she told backstage staff: “You haven’t seen the last of me, definitely not.

“I’m going to use this as my platform and I’m going to make sure I’m the biggest Goddamn thing to ever come out of the X Factor.”