Evidently, 1.8 million of us regularly practice yoga and, according to the news.com website, it is now influencing travel trends in Australia and abroad. Within the last year, travel to India, the birth place of yoga has gone up by ten per cent and other yoga friendly destinations have also seen a rise in visitor numbers.

Louise Kelly, a sales and marketing executive from Sydney, made yoga a main focal point for her wedding. “Yoga is about the union of the body and mind, and marriage is about union, so it seemed a great way to spend our honeymoon,” she told news.com.

Personal trainer Claudia Beyer said that she uses yoga to help her relax after a hard day and sought out a yoga class while on holiday in Bali. “It’s such an easy thing to do — all you need is your mat, and you’re set,” said Beyer. “I was doing it every day in Bali, and am going back later this year to do a program.”

It’s not only foreign destinations that are popular, yoga retreats are on rise along the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and the south coast along New South Wales.