Rachel Burden was interviewing Olympic hopeful Laura Trott on 5 Live when she made the remarks.

After hearing of Trott’s decision to leave her gold medals in the car, Burden asked: “You left them in the car? Around here?”

A spokesman for BBC North said: “During a light-hearted moment at the end of the interview with Laura Trott, an off-the-cuff remark was made. No offence was intended and we’re sorry if anyone was upset.”

Burden’s remarks follow reports that some BBC staff have been warned over their safety following the move to Salford.

Corporation chiefs have offered personal security guards to escort men and women to their cars and tram stops from the studios.

The BBC relocated 2,500 staff across five departments including Sport, Children’s and Radio 5 to the Media City site.

BBC Breakfast made its Salford debut on Tuesday, while Blue Peter and Match of the Day are among the programmes which air from the futuristic complex.

Incidents following the move have included a BBC worker being shot with an air rifle as he cycled home, thefts of electronic goods and producers being chased and threatened by youths.

However, crime rates for the Shepherd’s Bush area around White City are higher than Salford and its figures for violent crime and robbery are well above the national average.

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