Internet superstars How Ridiculous have teamed up with Lucozade Energy to complete their first ever UK trick shot at The Orbit, London. The Australian collective are part of the Find Your Flow campaign – you can see the trick here:  

You guys must be really excited to be in the UK seen as it’s your first time?

Derek: Yes, I am really excited to be in the UK, it’s my first time over here – I have even managed to fit in an Arsenal game, something I have wanted to do for a long time!

Scott: I have actually been here before but just not performing tricks. It’s good to be back in the UK and especially London – but it is great to be performing trick shots here for the first time!

Can you tell us what to expect from your latest video?

Scott: You can expect some awesome height, with an approximate 80m basketball shot from The Orbit in the Olympic Park, which is an incredible venue in the UK. We think it is the perfect backdrop for us to perform our shot on UK soil.

Are you nervous about attempting this trick shot from the top of the Stratford orbit tower?

Derek: There is always a big element of the unknown from such a big height – just putting a little bit of spin on the ball can change everything, so you are always nervous to get that one moment you are after. I think we will be able to do it!

How did this collaboration with Lucozade come about?

Scott: We heard about the campaign Find Your Flow and the work Lucozade and doing to encourage people to find their flow. It just felt that the perfect fit, we see nailing a shot as finding our flow. 

Why has it taken you guys so long to perform on UK soil?

Derek: We just haven’t had the right opportunity or the right height / building. The chance to do something from the UK’s tallest sculpture seemed the perfect moment and working with Lucozade has been great!  

What’s been your favorite stunt shot of all time?

Scott: Obviously The Orbit is up there, but in second place head and shoulders above is Gordon Dam in Tasmania – something we have had our eyes on since 2011. It took four years and five months of planning to get the shot and it was epic. 126.5m it broke our new world record and was very picturesque.  

In 5 words can you describe How Ridiculous?

Derek: Epic Aussies Doing Trick Shots

Scott:  Making the Impossible Fairly Possible 

What’s your next stunt idea?

Derek: Top secret, but make sure you keep an eye on all of our channels for the next installment and make sure you watch our shot from The Orbit: