Cevapi u somunu are a tasty treat – small barbequed meatballs served in a pocket of bread that are a national favourite. There are also plenty of bakeries where you can fill up on baked goodies, including burek, a greasy savoury pastry usually filled with either meat or cheese. Oddly, you’ll notice that there are plenty of corn stands around Zagreb selling both grilled and boiled corn on the cob – a healthier option than the fast food stands we are used to! Look out for a slasticarna – there’s plenty of them located throughout the city and are filled with cakes and all sorts of ice cream flavours to tickle your sweet tooth.



There are lots of places to stop by for a drink with the abundance of cafés in Zagreb. Coffee is what most people tend to drink here but you can also sip on soft drinks, beer and spirits. Be sure to try a local beer (pivo) on tap.



The tap water in Zagreb is drinkable.