Jelacic Square

The heart of Zagreb, the main square is always bustling with life as it is a popular meeting spot for locals. Surrounded by big, grand buildings and cafes, the centre point of the square is a statue of the viceroy Ban Josip Jelacic himself, sitting on a horse, extending his sword.


Zagreb Cathedral

Having been under scaffolding for at least the better part of two decades, the gothic cathedral is the show piece of the city’s skyline with its twin bell towers. Out the front is a lovely tower and fountain of Madonna surrounded by golden angels.

Open: 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday, 1pm-3pm Sundays

Tickets: Free


Dolac Market

This lively open-air market is a mosaic of colours with its selection of fruits, veg, flowers, nuts and other Croatian products on display. An indoor fish market is also nearby, located to one side of the market.

Open: 6.30am-3pm Monday to Friday, 6.30am-2pm Saturdays, 6.30am-1pm Sundays


Café life

The pavements in Zagreb are filled with cafes where cosmopolitan Croats sip on kava (coffee), smoking cigarettes.


St Mark’s Church

Dating back to the 13th century, this church features a kitsch image of the Croatian coat of arms on its roof in colourful blue, red and white checkers.

Open: Mass 7.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, 7.30am Saturday, 10am, 11am and 6pm Sunday


Parks and gardens

The Botanical Garden is located within walking distance of the city and is free to enter. Maksimir Park is much larger and is where Zagreb Zoo is located. It is situated about three kilometres from the city centre.