That’s the alleged derogatory remark at the centre of football’s latest off-field scandal.

Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong yesterday apparently tweeted a message saying: “if you going church today Pray For me Giving today A Miss”.

However, he received a reply from fan of Arsenal’s most-hated rivals, Tottenham, which read: “I prayed you break your arms and legs”,

Frimpong is said to have replied: “@Scum Yid”.

The tweet was removed shortly after, but Frimpong later retweeted a Tottenham supporter’s post that read: “You can’t go around wanting players to break limbs, no matter who you play for. embarrassed to be a yid right now!”.

Supporters of Spurs have adopted the term “Yid”, often using the word as a badge of honour and identify themselves as the  “Yid Army”.

However, the term has been considered derogatory and potentially racist by Jewish people.

Debate surrounds whether or not Judaism is a race or religion.

In fact, it is the only major religion that wrestles with queries of ethnicity and peoplehood.

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