What are the shows this week about?

I like to think, perhaps grandly, that it is about the funny little moments in life that other people too easily pass by, but which I bring to our attention … ideally to hilarious effect.

But it could also be a load of jokes and stories about life from a man who may have more time than others to think about things.

Where was your first comedy show and how did it go?

I did a load of stolen jokes and impressions at a school talent show when I was about 10 years old.

It went amazingly, there were applause breaks and everything.

Truly the response I got then means that every gig since has been tainted with a feeling of diminishing returns.

Who’s your comedy idol?

I have many, from Stan Laurel and Tommy Cooper to the present day, but it wouldn’t be nice to name any living comics as my idol as it would make other living comics jealous.

They’re all competing to be my idol you see.

Moments Of Alun  Leicester Square Theatre 
WC2H 7BX. Dec 14 & 15.  £12 

Tube | Leicester Square