The beloved onesie is set to follow the lead of the shell suit, and become the most regretted fashion item in London, according to new research by intu Lakeside.

The research reveals that a massive 50% of respondents’ most regretted trend from their past is the shell suit, while over 41% think they will feel the same way about onesies in ten years’ time.

It seems that across the generations, people have different views on fashion trends from the past. The research reveals that the older generation feel less regret about mini skirts, with only 9% of 55-plus year-olds wishing they could forget this item – compared to 14% of 18-24 year-olds.

A surprising 11% of men also say they regret the trend, perhaps suggesting they don’t really want to see all that leg.

TNT asks this – what do you mean, ten years’ time? Surely we’re all regretting the onesie now?