Neil Blomkamp is currently answering questions about his just-greenlit addition to the Alien franchise which he promises will go back to the ‘Freudian nightmare horror stylings of the original two films (and by pass Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection and those godawful AVP monstrosities). In the meantime though he is the man calling the shots (as well as the story) on this sci-fi action thriller about artificial intelligence (which also features someone by the name of Sigourney Weaver…)

Co-starring Blomkamp regular Sharlto Copley, whose breakout role was in said director’s District 9 instant classic, and Hugh Jackman, Chappie is about the titular robot who was designed to think and feel. This though that means that he feels different to everyone else, and is ostracised rather than embraced – with Blompkamp going for a ‘what does it mean to be human?’ sci-fi angle married to his stunning penchant for combining the fantastic with the ordinary.

As Elysium and District 9 illustrate, Blomkamp is one of the most singularly visionary filmmakers working in genre cinema today, and Chappie looks like it could be his biggest crossover – genre, generation, you name it – smash hit to date. 

And then there will be that little xenomorph movie, too, down the line.  

Chappie is released March 6 Sony Pictures Releasing.

Also out this week…

Kill The Messsenger

Jeremy Renner stars in as well as producing Kill the Messenger, a star-studded conspiracy thriller with Renner’s investigative reporter finding all kinds of nefarious shenanigans involving the US government, crack cocaine smuggling, and back hand dealings, blind eyes and three-in-a-bed deals leading all the way from the streets of Nicaragua to the corridors of power. 

Some stories are just too true to tell,’ he’s warned at one point – but should he share his discoveries with the world? In an age where journalistic integrity and morals, not to mention the politics of power, are front and centre in the public consciousness, this is timely looking tale indeed. 

Kill the Messenger is out March 6 through Universal Pictures.

Still Alice
Julianne Moore finally won the Oscar she has deserved for so long for her portrayal of an a Colombia University linguistics professor and her battle with early onset Alzheimer’s in this moving, observant and thoughtful drama. 

Still Alice is out March 6 through Curzon Film World.