This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy is an epic action comedy in the vein of Galaxy Quest meets Monty Python. Packed with classic references from all your favourite sci-fi shows, Boulder tells the story of three ordinary guys sucked into the world of a B-grade 1960s space flick. Trapped in a low-budget universe, they soon discover latex monsters and evil space villains are the least of their problems. Somehow, they have to fight their way home, before they get lost in space…forever.

Debut filmmaker Christian Nicolson and co-writer Andrew Beszant grew up fixated with sci-fi, soaking up the action and atmosphere of outer space in classics like Blake’s 7, Lost in Space, Dr Who and Star Trek. This film is steeped in the look and feel of these old sci-fi shows and has itself the hallmarks of a great cult movie.

Outside of writing, producing, directing and starring in This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy, Nicolson makes his living as a painter and sculptor. In a novel approach to financing, when the time came to raise the budget for the film, Nicolson turned to his storeroom of art to fund his movie – selling art to make sci-fi! During production, when the money ran out, the cast and crew would take a break from shooting so Christian could spend time painting, hold an exhibition and then use the proceeds to go back into production. Certainly an original method, the majority of the budget for this indie film was raised through Christian’s art sales.

Christian built sets and made the props, while his wife Kirianne made the costumes creating a truly unique aesthetic that adds to the comedy of the film. Christian’s drive and vision, and a cracking good story, attracted a whole team, nay, a hoard of sci-fi-enthusiasts to bring this truly special indie film to life.

Ignoring the rules of low-budget filmmaking, this indie gem boasts exotic locations, a huge cast, studio sets and more spacey props and costumes than you could shake a ray gun at. All this and more helps make This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Actually Really Awesome.

The 2016 Sci-Fi London Film Festival runs from 27 April – May 6, 2016. This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy will screen at the Stratford Picturehouse 9pm Monday 2 May and 3pm Friday 6 May. Tickets are £7.