Enter Caprera, a new and exciting network of independent food and drink producers in the UK. They’ve gone through a trial period and they company has launched, targeting UK consumers who care about the quality of the food they eat.

Careful sourcing does not mean compromising on convenience. This is great news for the busy modern-day consumer, who wants the convenience of getting his food in one place. In addition to offering delivery throughout the UK, the online marketplace also offers a single delivery system. This enables customers to order a variety of products from multiple independent producers throughout the UK, yet receive it all in one convenient delivery. 

According to founder and CEO, Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, “For too long, ‘good food’ has been reduced to nothing more than a slogan that supermarkets exploit for their own commercial benefit. We believe that customers deserve so much better, and we want them to realise this. We want ‘good food’ to actually mean something again.”

They set high standards for producers, all of whom are vetted and handpicked against select criteria. They operate a series of strict policies that includes a ban on the use of artificial substances, GMOs and synthetic growth hormones. To guarantee that products are grown and produced by independent producers who mindfully source their ingredients and reject mass production.

By offering an affordable, convenient way to access quality food, the team is looking to change customer expectations in terms of what should and what really shouldn’t be classed as good food.

Take a look at the site can be found at www.caprera.com