Living in a college or university requires constant stress and study of various disciplines. That is why timely rest is very important for anyone preparing to start a professional career. There are many places in the USA and around the world where you can go on a trip. But if your country is not interesting for you, then you should consider the best options for foreign tourism.


This country can offer you excellent sandy beaches, isolated islands, and unique tropical climate architecture. All air tickets to Thailand are quite affordable, and therefore students from 20 years old can safely travel and enjoy a week’s vacation abroad.

There are many interesting traditions that you should definitely see and a very tasty, peculiar national cuisine to try. Another interesting point is the Thai Shadow Theater. We recommend that you watch it if you want to see something colorful.


Peru is a great option for those who don’t have a lot of money to travel. This country will surprise you with mountainous landscapes and old settlements. Here you will learn everything about the history of the ancient peoples. You can see Machu Picchu and capture all the key places where Spanish settlements were created.

The national cuisine here is pretty good, and the local people are quite friendly and can help you in case of any trouble. Air travel and rental housing in this country are quite democratic, so you will not spend a lot of money, but you can get many emotions. You may also need help with homework or essays while traveling in Peru. In this case, a speedy paper discount code will help you save money.


If you want to see old European architecture and castles, then Hungary is perfect for you. There are quite cheap hotels and a lot of tourist attractions here. Most international services like Uber operate here, so you can easily get anywhere on the map.

The best way to start your acquaintance with Hungary is from Budapest. It is an old and beautiful city with many architectural monuments, public events, and excellent restaurants. That said, you don’t need a monthly salary to have dinner. The average bill in a restaurant will be quite democratic.


Cuba is an amazing country that seems to have come to a standstill somewhere in the mid-60s. The architecture here is amazing, although it is in a deplorable state. The streets of Cuban cities are filled with vintage cars, and many cafes and shops sell excellent cigars and rum. Holidays in Cuba are quite inexpensive, although prices for Americans are much higher than for local people. While you are vacationing abroad, you should not forget about your studies. Use or other services to keep your scores high.


Once you decide to visit Indonesia, you can see many rainforests and mountain archipelagos. You will also be surprised by the beauty of the local architecture. There are tons of cheap hotels and the opportunity to taste excellent cuisine, right on the street.

And you can also visit floating hotels and cafes in Bali, where you can eat and see local attractions. You can rent a rickshaw and a driver to travel around the largest cities and see the most important sights for a separate price. It’s a great country with affordable prices and friendly people.


Nepal is suitable for those travelers who want to climb mountain peaks and see many beautiful temples. Nature here is especially interesting in autumn, so you should choose this time of year for your trip. You can hire guides who will tell you all the local history and help you find good hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, the local infrastructure is not so developed that you can feel the European service.

However, this is offset by very low prices and the ability to be at one with nature. You will not find a disco or noisy parties here. It is rather a more suitable vacation for introverts and those who want to be in silence. Staying on mountain peaks and the sounds of prayer bells in temples is a great feeling. You will be able to be alone with nature and your mind. Such rest will allow you to be abstract from all the daily difficulties.

But you should be aware that the mountainous terrain of Nepal does not always allow you to connect to the network. You should ask yourself the question, “Who can write essays for me?” Your best bet is to turn to writing services.


Vietnam is a relatively accessible country for tourism with many tropical jungles and ancient settlements. Restaurants, hotels, and cafes are quite accessible here so that you can combine beach vacations with daily walks, discos, and cultural recreation. Such a country will allow you to join a new culture and see how other people live.