What’s your least favourite sport? Any sport that gets called off due to bad weather. And synchronised swimming.

If we should travel to one sport event in our lifetime, what should it be? You have to get to an Olympics, whether it be summer or winter. Life-long athletic dedication to your chosen sport with a big dose of national pride. There’s just no better drama in world sport.

If you could be a great sportsman at any event, what would it be? I have neither the brawn nor brains to be a chess boxing champion, so that would be my wish. Though Nude Chess Boxing has a certain appeal now that I think about it.

Did writing the book force you to change your mind about any sport? Yes it did. I’ve definitely changed my mind about bog snorkelling. Statistics show that I just don’t have the right body shape to be competitive. So I’ll be focusing on world kite fighting next year.

What’s the world’s wackiest sport? Kabbadi. Two teams take turns sending a “raider” into the opposition territory who has to win points by tagging or wrestling members of the opposing team; the raider then tries to return to their own half, holding their breath during the whole raid.

Which country, if any, is the greatest sporting nation? After the last Olympics, the Bahamas can probably claim that title on a per capita basis. A nation of only 300,000 people won two medals. Not bad going really.

The Melbourne Cup, an AFL Grand Final, the Boxing Day Test… which is Australia’s must-see sporting event? They’re all quintessential Aussie experiences, but as they say the Melbourne Cup is “the race that stops a nation”. Where else in the world does a horse race do that?

Which sport has the best atmosphere? It’d be hard to beat a dose of the good life at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Which sport has the nuttiest fans? Can’t go past those loonies who get dressed up in clown suits and run after Tour de France cyclists.

What is the greatest sporting rivalry? In terms of sheer numbers of madly passionate supporters, it’d be hard to beat an India versus Pakistan cricket contest.

Which do you think is the hardest sport to play? Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire (pictured). No one has even come close to catching that cheese.

Which is the easiest? We fancy our chances at the Rock Paper Scissors World Championships… Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is widespread among Rock Paper Scissors competitors so I’d suggest being a “jockey” at the cane toad races is a much simpler endeavour. That or heavyweight boxing.

The Toe Wrestling Championships. Please explain: It’s the next logical step after the undoubted success of arm and thumb wrestling. Get along to Bentley Brook in Derbyshire, UK, in July and check it out for yourself.

Bull fighting: right or wrong? I’ve got no problems with a bull fighting, say, another bull. It’s when you introduce us humans into the equation with red capes and swords that I start to have some issues.

Lastly, Aussies are the worst sporting losers, aren’t they? Sorry. What? Please explain. This question makes absolutely no sense to me…

Lonely Planet’s A Year of Sport Travel is out now.