What kind of job lets you get a nice tan, get paid well and maybe save a life, all in one day? That would be lifeguarding – a fun and rewarding job for anyone.

If you think you might like a job in the sun it’s a lot easier to get than you think.

First, you can sign up for a course offered by Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (as well as other places around the country).

The course takes $400 out of your pocket and five days out of your life, but what you get in return is well worth the time and money.

The only requirement needed to take the course is that you must be at least 18-years-old and be able to swim. After finishing the course you will receive a certificate that nationally recognises you as a qualified life saver.

There are lots of job opportunities for a lifeguard all over Australia. Not only are there pools, but many events too, such as swimming competitions, sailing competitions and more.

There are some great bonuses to working as a lifeguard. An active, outdoor work environment, for starters. Then there’s the fact you’re doing a genuine service to the community, with the chance of saving a life.

Not to mention the pay, which starting at about $21 isn’t too shoddy at all.

Plus, you won’t have to get a different job with each new place you visit. With pools all over the country, it’s a great way to travel Australia, working as you go.

There’s always the fact that you’ll meet loads of people, there’s something new every day and getting to work on big events.

“Working with us they get to work on some of the main events,” says Colin Kane, pool supervisor at Olympic Park.

“So they get to see some of the big names like Libby Trickett, the Olympic swimmer. A lot of them train at our venue.”

Those wanting to be surf life savers may want to think about alternative courses offered.