How long have you lived in Victoria?
On and off over the last 11 years (between return stints to Ireland).

What should be on every backpacker’s must-do list?
I’ve heard something about the world famous “NeighboursTrivia Night” at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in St Kilda, apparently it’s awesome.

When’s the best time to visit?
Summer, there’s more of a chance of seeing old dudes wearing budgie smugglers down at the beach, it’s weird and kinda puts you off your food, but a must see.

What’s the best way to get around?
The public transport is pretty good, trains and trams are good and taxis are always interesting. 

Where’s the party capital and why?
Definitely Melbourne, whether it be St Kilda, Chapel Street or the city itself. There’s plenty of great bars especially in the wee laneways in the city. Live music is pretty big if you like that, but also there are some great Melbourne and interstate DJs always playing at various venues. 

Tell TNT readers something about VIC they won’t find in the guidebooks.
Due to the dense population it’s quite easy to get away with car theft! But also, the weather here, which I really like actually, can be quite temperamental and change at the toss of a dime, so be sure to dress appropriately!

Name three famous Victorians.
George Josevski (The Backpacker King), Ian “Smithy” Smith (He played Harold on Neighbours) and Cate Blanchett.

So what’s the story?
Victoria kicks ass. There is so much to do here. The Melbourne Cup, a bloody big casino, awesome wineries (too many to mention), great people, old dudes in budgie smugglers (weather permitting), great beaches (Bells Beach at Torquay), the Grand Prix, paintball, the Great Ocean Road, you can swim with the dolphins, more sport than the Olympics (AFL is brilliant!). There’s bars, there’s cafés, the MCG, the markets, great cups of coffee, great independent breweries, any genre of restaurant you can poke a stick at, great shopping (it’s the fashion capital after all)… AND… apparently it’s got a night in St Kilda where you can meet people from the TV show Neighbours and win prizes and free holidays and money and drinks and just generally have a great night out!

Three words to sum up Victoria:
I only need two… Bloody brilliant!

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